MedDocLive COVID-19 Scholarship

This is an unprecedented time in history, playing out on a world stage. Resident physicians and medical students around the country who are both learning and in-service on a regular day, have now been thrust onto the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation most certainly creates additional stresses and calls to sacrifice during already taxing training years.
The public concept of physicians is often molded by the so-called glamorous life of older physicians. This persona overshadows the early ardor and sacrifices required to complete the rigorous training that allows clinicians to care for their patients at the highest level. The stress of clinical work, academic responsibilities, and the seeming futility of maintaining any semblance of normal personal relationships and home life, can all take a toll. During this time especially, resident physicians and medical students are often facing an enormous school debt burden.
Although, few comprehend the sacrifice. Less understand the uncontrollable and haphazard path of “enrollment acceptances” and “match day envelopes” that landed these individuals on the frontline.
After minimal control of their training destination, these individuals now find themselves working through their normally grueling responsibilities and hours (supposedly limited to 80 hours per week, not including “academic” time for research, presentations, studying and learning their field), in the time of COVID-19. They are now, additionally dealing with concerns over the elevated health risks to their loved ones, feelings of isolation and exhaustion, and risk of their own health and lives due to inadequate protective equipment and elevated risk of exposure.

It’s a daunting job. Yet, for several months now, stories of incredible sacrifice and service have been flooding in via social media and news outlets. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are stepping up. We see them everyday and we see the Resident Physicians and Medical Students right there among them. We love hearing these stories and seeing the positive impact you are making.

For your hard work, dedication and sacrifices big and small, we say, “THANK YOU!”

At MedDocLive, we understand first hand the challenges of medical training and we want to offer a small token of appreciation to help ease the burden of our brave doctors in training during this particularly difficult time. In honor of this incredible service, MedDocLive has established four $500 scholarships (for a total of $2,000) that will be awarded to 4 deserving Medical Students and/or Resident Physicians.
So please, tell us your stories, big and small. Are you a resident or medical student on the frontlines going above and beyond? Have you received care from a great resident or medical student? Are you a loved one who sees their sacrifice up close and personal? We want to hear from you.

Please click on the link below to nominate yourself or another Resident/Medical Student you know for the MedDocLive COVID-19 Scholarship Program